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5 Best Souvenirs you must Take Back home from Switzerland

Are you planning a trip to Switzerland very soon? Whether it is a business trip or a solo vacation, you will go for shopping to take some souvenirs back to your home. Usually, we want to buy something that will remind us of the country. You will find out plenty of Swiss-made products in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, and Basel. Here, we have picked up 5 quintessential items every traveller wants to buy from Switzerland as a gift for their family and friends. Scroll down to find out-

1. Swiss Army Knife-

This is a very handy souvenir that contains multi blade tools. These tools come in a variety of sizes, engravings, and unique designs. You can find it outside Switzerland, but they are relatively cheap and available in a wide range of variations in Switzerland. The credit-card sized ones fit perfectly in your wallet. This useful pocket tool is the most suitable gifts for the ones who love repairing anything. You get the knives in all shapes and sizes from the most famous brands like Victorinox and Wenger. This is also a great gift option for your brother, uncles, and father.

2. Swiss Wine-

The aristocratic Swiss wine brands are hard to find outside Switzerland. Swiss wines are not so well known as the other European wine brands. But they are too excellent to give a miss. The wine lovers must take some of the bottles back to their home as a gift to their friends and brothers. VisperTerminen is one of the most loved wine brands in the Zermatt Valley region. You have to go to Geneva, to have & buy some fresh wine from the flourishing vineyards.

3. Swiss Chocolates-

Switzerland is globally famous for the premium-quality local chocolates. The travellers never feel guilty to indulge in the rich chocolatey experience during their trip to Switzerland.

Hunt for the exclusive brands like Cailler, Peter, and Kohl as they are hard to find in other countries. Many tourists like to check in the Confiserie Bachmann in Lucerne for their huge collection of Swiss chocolates. You can also look for Sprüngli in Zurich, for flavoursome tasty chocolates.

Swiss chocolates are undoubtedly special gifts for your siblings and loved ones. You can also look for handmade pre-packaged chocolate goodies and chocolate bars wrapped with gold leaf from DeLaFee.

4. Swiss watches

Switzerland is World-renowned for supreme quality leather watches. Swatch, Rado, Patek Philippe, Zenith, IWC, Rolex, Omega, Van Cleef, & Arpels, Cartier, are some of the biggest names from the watch industry that manufacture their products in this country.

If you allot a handsome budget for shopping in Switzerland, go for an iconic Swiss watch with classy and elegant design and magnificent craftsmanship. Nothing would be better than a classic watch from the genuine Swiss brand as a souvenir for your spouse and loved ones.

5. Heavenly delicious cheese

Switzerland is a paradise for cheese lovers as the country produces a large variety of great quality cheeses. This country is also popular for the availability of the sweetest cheese in Europe.

Unfortunately, the travellers find it inconvenient to carry cheese with their luggage because of the smell, substance, and refrigeration. Instead of the soft and raw cheeses, pick hard and dry cheese for your mother and friends who have weakness on cheese.

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