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Top 10 Travel Tips in Switzerland for a Successful Expenditure

1. Tap water is drinkable, so no need to buy plastic bottles

Switzerland is one of the fewest countries in the world where the cleanest water is available. You can drink tap water because it is very clear and safe. In the case of recycling, you will find a signboard informing not to use it. So, do not waste your money on buying new plastic bottles again and again. The Swiss people hate seeing plastic bottles piling up in the pristine lakes and oceans.

Buying a plastic bottle is both a waste of money and plastic. Only make sure to purchase a travel water bottle or carry an empty bottle before venturing out to explore Switzerland.

2. Public transport is not a good option to enjoy flexible night outs

Do not depend upon public transport at midnight. It is better to arrange transportation in advance when you have a night out plan. Most of the public transport services stop operating at late night. So, keep in mind the commuting option while returning to your hotels after midnight drinking sessions.

If you are keen to indulge in an extravagant nightlife with full freedom, then book a rental car in Switzerland.

3. Value privacy & do not expect sudden fling or friendship

Swiss are very reserved and do not like to be involved in everything. They value privacy and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. They also want other intruders to respect their personal space. So, never expect to gel with the Swiss people and make friends quickly.

That does not mean they are impolite to the newcomers. They are not even unfriendly. They take some time to build their trust upon you. Make sure you value their culture and social etiquettes and do not intervene in their privacy.

4. Wake up early and greet Switzerland!

The Swiss start their day much before we get busy with our regular chores. They are a firm believer in the phrase “early to bed and early to rise”.

You can visit the market, grocery shops, and even restaurants at around 6-7 AM. However, the negative aspect is that they close early too. So, make sure you visit all these places keeping in mind the opening and closing hours.

5. Prefer local chocolatiers to save a few bucks

No one returns from Switzerland without buying some boxes of chocolates for their friends and families. Chocolate is widely available throughout Switzerland. But take care of your pockets before filling them with chocolate packets.

The lucrative packaging may attract you to buy chocolates from the high-end stores, the ones sold in the local chocolatiers are enough tasty to entice your sweet tooth. Hence skip buying expensive chocolates & prefer the local stores that retain the same taste in return for pocket-friendly bucks.

6. Swiss does not use Euro notes

As Switzerland does not belong to the European Union, the Swiss do not use Euro notes for commercial practice. While the neighbor-countries use Euro note, they stick with the Swiss Franc which is considered to be one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Swiss Franc is also Switzerland’s national currency. Sometimes, you may use euro notes, in the condition you are in a tourist’s destination.

7. Adjust with the confusing language

When you are traveling around the entire country, you will get confused with the variation in the greeting terms. ‘Swiss’ itself is not a language. People mainly use the four-national languages of Switzerland- German, Italian, Romansh, and French.

When you go westwards, you will hear more French. When you move southwards (Italy), you will hear more people speaking in Italian. Probably 1-2% of the Swiss population communicate with each other in Romansh.

The majority of Switzerland uses Swiss-German. Though English is also spoken in Switzerland, it is better to learn a few Swiss-German phrases for basic communication. Also, download a user-friendly translator in your mobile to quickly find out the unfamiliar terms you hear.

8. Hire a bike to explore the majestic Swiss countryside

Many of us have a dream to roam around the fairy-tale locations in Switzerland on a bike. Do you know you can take a bike ride for free? Yes, in a few places in cities like Bern, Zurich, Geneva, and Neuchâtel, you can hire a bike without any bucks!

For verification purposes, you just need to deposit 20 CHF and an ID card while taking a bike.

9. Swiss Travel Pass is the easiest way for extensive travel Plan

If you want to hit many top tourist destinations in Switzerland, then try to get a Swiss travel pass. From cable cars to railways, you will get attractive discounts. Besides, you will be bestowed with an opportunity to visit nearly 500 museums and exhibitions with a free entrance ticket.

10. Do not annoy the peaceful creatures of the lakes

The panoramic lakes make Switzerland more beautiful. The tourists also get charmed with the white, and celestial swans that swim around the blue water of the lakes. But stay away from them and enjoy their activities from the distance.

Like the Swiss, these creatures do not like interfering in their personal space. So, if you disturb them, you may end up breaking your delicate limbs by their strong wings.

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