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Top 7 Things To Do For Great Autumn Experiences in Switzerland

Be the adventurous hikers, trekkers or the newlyweds, everyone dreams to taste the astounding beauty of Switzerland once in their lives. Though most of the tourists prefer winter or summer to explore the magical beauty of this nation, these seasons are also very crowded.

From the cattle homecoming in eastern Switzerland to the wine and chestnut festivals in the South, in this blog, we will unveil 7 wonderful experiences you can have when you visit Switzerland during Autumn, the Fall season.

Experience the cattle shows and Alpine Descents

Swiss farming communities follow many significant traditions. Among them, the cattle show and Alpine descents are very famous. Every year, this event commences from late September and continues up to early October.

This tradition centers around the cows with well-formed udder, and a healthy and sturdy structure. They parade down the mountain slopes and the hilly pastures on the Brauereiplatz in Appenzell. They are adorned with colourful flowers and Swiss cowbells.

Visit Ticino and enjoy Chestnut Festivals and Workshop

Ticino is an ideal destination to spend an autumn weekend in Switzerland. You can embrace a sunny weather and will not have to experience the irritating fog that blankets over the sight scenes. Chestnut forest in Ticino is a nice place to hike in.

It is also a great experience to enjoy the traditional harvest festivals which are celebrated with chestnuts, polenta, and porcini risotto is a great experience. You can also participate in the chestnut workshops held every autumn in Ticino and hike through the Malcantone forest.

Taste some great wines at Autumn Festivals

The Autumn festival is celebrated in October to welcome the ‘Fall’ with food, music, and colours. The Swiss love to celebrate this joyous event with family, and friends over a lavish feast.

The three-day-long festival is one of the most cheerful celebrations in Switzerland where the travellers and the local inhabitants get to taste some amazing wines from Ticino and Swiss culinary delicacies. The markets and streets are decorated and set up to sell various handicrafts and local food.

Snowsports in Grindelwald

BodmiARENA is one of the most famous winter sport hotspots located in Grindelwald. Travellers love to immerse in the fun-filled snow sports including sledding and skiing. October is the best time to hit BodmiARENA to roam around the snow-capped Alps.

You cannot afford to miss this adrenaline-fuelling snow sports if you are in Switzerland in Autumn. This is one of the most popular things to enjoy in Switzerland in Autumn.

Cable Car Ride to Matterhorn peak

Imagine having a bird-eye view of the majestic snow-clad Swiss Alps! It is a dream for all the travellers to soak into the pristine beauty of Switzerland from the top. You must try cable car rides that carry you and your partners to the spectacular Matterhorn peak.

This cable-car journey over the Swiss Alps will be inked in your memory forever. From honeymooners to the kids, this will be cherishing experience in their Autumn holidays for sure.

Gear up for Hiking in Zermatt

The autumn season comes up with wonderful weather to hike in Switzerland. You cannot get the essence of Switzerland without wearing hiking boots. October is the best time to explore the idyllic villages, green meadows, the celestial views of the mountains through hiking and trekking.

The trekkers and hikers particularly love the Matterhorn where they will hike downwards from Sunnegga to Zermatt in the gigantic Matterhorn peak. If you are fit enough for hiking downhill, then do not miss crossing this route as it offers mesmerizing views in the Swiss Alps.

Frame the Wildlife in Swiss Valleys

Do you want to explore the wildlife in one of the lush green Swiss valleys? Because of the diversity of the Swiss landscape, you will find different types of wild animals here. Autumn is the perfect time to wander around in nature and capture Alpine ibex, chamois, and a red deer in your lens.

For first-hand Wildlife experience, you can join the local hunters or ask your guides to take you around the places where they choose to hide. Lucky travellers may get along some of these animals.

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