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Your Switzerland Trip will be Incomplete without these Delicious Swiss Foods!

Switzerland is indeed a tourist's top favourite destination for its magnificent snow-clad mountainous views, and green magical villages, but the visitors also do not want to miss some mouth-watering dishes.

Forget about dieting when you visit Switzerland. Besides Swiss cheese and the world-famous Swiss chocolates, there is a wide range of appetizing foods which would be a treat to your taste buds.

Let’s catch a quick glimpse of the best out of them-

Rosti: Potato-lover’s first choice-

Traditionally, it was served as breakfast for the farmer’s living in the German-speaking region around Bern. But now, Rosti is marked as Switzerland’s national delicacy. You can find this famous Swiss potato-based staple in a few restaurants in India.

Nothing would be better than potatoes in butter! It is made of grated potatoes sprinkled with a bit of pepper and salt and finally fried in a butter-filled pan. This dish is also known as potato pancakes. Other ingredients like onion, cheese, and apple are also added to enhance the taste. You can try it as an accompaniment with fried eggs and other Swiss foods.

Raclette: Yummilicious Swiss cheese!

You cannot imagine the heavenly taste of this melted Swiss cheese without tasting it! Raclette is a special variation of semi-firm cheese that is heated in a low flame. The melted part is scraped off to blanket over the onions, potatoes, and slices of cold meats.

Though it is originated from the canton of Valais, now, many homes in Switzerland have their customized-design raclette grill to melt the cheese in layers.

Swiss Fondue: Melted cheese at its best

This iconic Swish dish is a Concoction of melted cheese, white wine, and garlic. It is also mixed with cornstarch and placed over a low flame. It is an ideal dish to get comfort in chilly wintry days.

You can dip bread cubes, meats, olives, and onions with long-stemmed forks by swirling them in the large pot of Swiss Fondue. You can also find this popular Swiss dish in Italy and France.

Swiss Chocolates: World-famous desert

Have you noticed most of the international chocolate brands are originated from Switzerland? It is because this country is a hub for the richest quality and budget-friendly chocolates. It is a pioneering country of chocolates boasting of many chocolate factories.

Switzerland first comes with the idea of combining milk with chocolate. The Swiss chocolate industry always works on launching new recipes to produce finger-licking chocolates.

Nusstorte: Delicious nut pastry

If your hunger pangs crave for some sweet yet crunchy food, try Swiss rich desert, Nussrotte. This sweet nut tart is prepared combining chopped walnuts, cream, caramelized sugar, and a short cut pastry.

This crunchy, chewy, nut pastry was originally associated with the Engadin Valley but is also easily available in other parts of the country. However, throughout the canton, each bakery follows its recipe.

Zopf: The braided loaf

We bet that no bread beats the taste of this soft, white and braided loaf. Conventionally, the Swiss people prefer having Zoph as Sunday breakfast. But obviously, the tourists can have it any time of the day.

The shape of the fat, braid of this plaited loaf is very unique and it is easily recognizable. The ingredients including butter, eggs, flour, milk, and yeast are very common like any other bread. But before baking, the dough is brushed with the egg-yolk which gives it a different golden crust.

Basler Leckerli: The oldest Swiss biscuit

This is one of the oldest Swiss foods that was invented around 600 years ago. This sweet biscuit is prepared with almonds, Kirsch, hazelnuts, fruit, and honey. It is traditionally eaten during the Christmas season, but you can get it any time of the year. As ‘Lecker’ literally means delicious, you will find the same while you give it a bite!

Hence, the Swiss cuisine is always ready to spoil your diet plan. If you are traveling around Switzerland, then do not forget to treat your tummy with these Swiss culinary delicacies.

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