• What can I do to overcome my nervousness before the adventure?

    We understand that you get panic-stricken before a helicopter adventure. But for your concern, we do not plan any thrill rides purposely. We have planned out a comfortable flight itinerary to provide a memorable experience.

    Besides, there will be a safety director and technicians to maintain the safety standard and guide you with some safety briefing. Make sure you follow all of their instructions attentively. Most im-portantly, relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. However, if you tend to suffer from motion sickness, you may take some medicine before your flight if you choose to.

  • Do your helicopter pilots have enough experience?
    All our pilots are highly professionals and passioned about aviation. Further all pilots participate in an intense safety program which includes advanced emergency procedures and flight training in mountainous areas. Every pilot undergoes extensive recurring training and proficiency checks within our organization. Our pilots have thousands of hours of flight experience in Airbus, Bell and Robinson Helicopters and are EASA and/or FAA rated. We collaborate only with helicopter operators that meet our highest standards and requirements to operate a flight as part of this service.
  • Can I carry my cell phone for photography or video recording?

    Yes, you can carry your cellphones with you for video recording or capture the magnificent views, but we instruct you to keep it in the airplane mode.

    However, during the evening tour, we request the travellers to turn off the ‘flash’ feature while using the camera inside the aircraft. Inside the helicopter, flash photography is not allowed.

  • How will you conduct the flight tour in bad weather?

    We will commence the expedition only if the weather is good in the mountains. In case, the harsh weather creates any hindrance in operating our helicopter tours safely, then the passengers may withdraw their booking. They can cancel the tour and will get a full refund.

    They can also reschedule the tour to the next flight without bearing any additional cost.

  • Why is it necessary to provide you with my accurate weight?

    Flights are planned according to the weight of the passengers. The weight of the passengers is nec-essary for us to balance the aircraft. Hence, it is mandatory for the passengers to let us know their accurate weight while booking a flight reservation on Fly helicopter. Before boarding the flight, we will measure the weight of the travellers at check-in.

    In case, we detect a huge difference between the measured weight and the declared weight, we hold the right to cancel your trip without any refund. Hence, kindly provide us with the actual weight in kilos, or pounds.

  • Do you allow any disabled person on the flight?

    The team of Fly helicopters will assist you in every possible way to accommodate the passengers having physical disabilities.

    We also provide wheelchair access to the physically handicapped passengers. But make sure these passengers are accompanied by a responsible assistant to provide basic aid to him and capable of shifting their customers in and out of the aircraft in case of emergency.

  • Do you allow backpacks or luggage on flights?

    Generally, heavy-weighted bags, backpacks, and luggage are not allowed on our flights. As the flights are planned on the basis of the weight, we cannot give permission to our passengers to carry heavily loaded backpacks.

    However, larger aircraft have baggage compartments where you can keep smaller bags. Besides, you can store the handbags and photo bags under the seats. Depending on the departure location, we provide lockers on-site so that the travellers can use them without paying any extra charge.

  • What about the seating arrangement?

    Each helicopter can accommodate two to six passengers per flight. If you need more space in the aircraft, you can mention it on the booking form and can apply for larger aircraft while reserving the flight.

    Seating arrangements depend upon the weight of all the travelling passengers and the balance for the flight.

  • What sort of safety measures you ensure for customer safety?

    In the aviation industry, safety is one of the most key elements. Fly helicopter takes the center stage in implementing the industry-wide safety standards. We have experienced pilots, flight operators and maintenance technicians on the board who have undergone extensive training as per EASA or FAA requirements to improve the safety standard. We are also part of the Vuichard Safety program which sets the highest standards in safety for helicopter operations globally.

    We are committed to the highest levels of safety and risk management. From flight preparation, pre-flight checks to flight operations, we show constant effort to offer a 100% safe environment to the passengers throughout the journey.

  • Do you have any Dress Code?

    In summer, we recommend wearing t-shirts, knee-length dresses, shorts, sweaters, and light jack-ets. On the other hand, in winter, we suggest wearing jeans, comfortable boots, shrugs, layered leg-gings, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, trench coats to keep you warm.

    If your itinerary covers a landing on glaciers or mountains, do not forget to bring a heavy jacket and wear outdoor shoes even in summer.

  • Can you share the details of the Check-in and boarding procedure?

    Pickup - We provide shared limousine service from a convenient pickup location. The confirmation of the limousine service from the helicopter base is announced in the booking process. No extra charge is applicable for the transportation from and to the helicopter base.

    Check-in - The passengers 18 years or older must show a government-issued photo ID at the check-in coun-ter. The check-in agent will scan your ticket code to acquire all the information available to your flight. Passengers must wait in the waiting area until the operator announce their flight.

    Passenger briefing - Our guide will give a briefing about how to act around and in the aircraft. All the relevant procedures like what actions to take in an emergency will be explained to the passengers. This is a mandatory part of the boarding procedure.

    Boarding - Once your flight has been announced, a flight assistant is going to escort the passengers to the air-craft. To ensure maximum safety, all passengers are obliged to follow all instructions of the board-ing crew.

    Seating - Unless you book the entire helicopter, you have to share the aircraft with the other passengers. We try our best to allocate the couples and the families' seats side by side. But we cannot ensure spe-cific seating as it is driven by the “weight and balance” calculation of the aircraft.

    On board - All passengers are required to wear the provided headset to ensure proper communication on board. The communication system will be used for pilot announcements as well as for the commu-nication among the passengers during the flight. The Passengers must follow the pilot’s instructions and the rest of the crew in any case. The pilot is the final authority for all decisions taken in the air-craft and must be respected by all participants.