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Private tours are the ultimate flying experience in Switzerland. Discover your own piece of Switzerland. Let us create together the tour of your desires. From glaciers to endless forests and valleys in combination with a landing on spectacular spots and restaurants. Experience local specialist from our broad variety of food and beverages such as world-famous cheeses and chocolates.

Let us know what you have in mind and we compose everything needed for you. We define the pickup location and time and organize transportation and reservations at the designated landing spots if required. Further we also bring specials like Champagne and more as well a local guide who know every rock and tree along your event.

You would like to select a larger aircraft independent from the number of passengers?

Tell us more about your requirements and we are going to send you an individual offer.

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Fly Helicopters in Switzerland

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What can I do to overcome my nervousness before the adventure?

We understand that you get panic-stricken before a helicopter adventure. But for your concern, we do not plan any thrill rides purposely. We have planned out a comfortable flight itinerary to provide a memorable experience.

Besides, there will be a safety director and technicians to maintain the safety standard and guide you with some safety briefing. Make sure you follow all of their instructions attentively. Most importantly, relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. However, if you tend to suffer from motion sickness, you may take some medicine before your flight if you choose to.

Do your helicopter pilots have enough experience?

We have hired experienced and professional pilots in the aviation industry. They are well-versed and hail from several flight instruction or military background.

Our pilots also participate in the FAA approved program and undergo extensive training. Each pilot is FAA rated and has more than three thousand hours of flight experience in Airbus, Robinson, and Bell helicopters.

How will you conduct the flight tour in bad weather?

We will commence the expedition only if the weather is good in the mountains. In case, the harsh weather creates any hindrance in operating our helicopter tours safely, then the passengers may withdraw their booking.

They can cancel the tour and will get a full refund. They can also reschedule the tour to the next flight without bearing any additional cost.

Do you allow backpacks or luggage on flights?

Generally, heavy-weighted bags, backpacks, and luggage are not allowed on our flights. As the flights are planned on the basis of the weight, we cannot give permission to our passengers to carry heavily loaded backpacks.

However, larger aircraft have baggage compartments where you can keep smaller bags. Besides, you can store the handbags and photo bags under the seats. Depending on the departure location, we provide lockers on-site so that the travellers can use them without paying any extra charge.

What sort of safety measures you ensure for customer safety?

In the aviation industry, safety is one of the most key elements. Fly helicopter takes the center stage in implementing the industry-wide safety standards. We have experienced pilots and maintenance technicians on the board who have undergone extensive training as per FAA requirements to improve the safety standard.

We are committed to the highest levels of safety and risk management. From flight preparation, pre-flight checks to flight operations, we show constant effort to offer a 100% safe environment to the passengers throughout the journey.

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