Who We Are We’re a Swiss based corporation with high standards for quality, preciseness, liability and ethical behavior. Fly helicopter boasts of professional and versed pilots across the globe who strives to provide a cherishing helicopter tours to the jaw-dropping mountain terrains and mesmerizing landscapes of Switzerland. We have been providing helicopter training and safety programs to the pilots and technicians since 2017.

About Us
  • We are teaming up with the most experienced technicians and knowledgeable experts from the aviation industry.
  • They share their valuable knowledge which they have acquired from their practical experience throughout their career to benefit our training attendees in the seminar.
  • Through the global helicopter training program, our overall objective is to generate awareness for safety and minimalize the risk factors for accidents to save lives.
  • The founders have significant global professional experience in marketing, information technology, sales, and business administration.
  • All our members are FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) rated helicopter pilots with many years of experience in Airbus, Robinson, and Bell helicopters.
  • Fly helicopter basically associates with the travel and tourism industry for offering a luxurious and comfortable travel experience in Switzerland.
Who We Are
Who We Are
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